Noni, the feel good fruit

Noni, a cherished fruit of the South Pacific, has been used for natural healing for generations. It has a reputation for helping with all manner of ailments and addictions, promoting general good health, high levels of energy and well-being. It is said to boost the immune system and cell health, cleanse the body of harmful bacteria and purifiy the blood.

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Iboga sustainability project

In these auspicious black pots  are iboga seeds from iboga fruit, waiting to sprout..bringing these fruits and their seeds to Mexico from Africa is part of a sustainability project by GITA (Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance). The picture on the right shows iboga...

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Neurogenesis by Brant Cortright is a groundbreaking book. We have been teaching this way of eating and living for years and know it works.To have it spelled out by a eminent psychologist complete with scientific references is a great gift to the world. Highly...

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