All About Edenic States

Edenic States are the states we want to be in. States where we feel alive and free. We are designed to live in these states and we now know the steps to get into them.
All the offerings on this website come from our hearts and a desire to spread this message with you, based on the findings of decades of research and experience,taking the mystery out of the how we move into these states so we can really enjoy the mystery of life.
For ease of think we can divide the steps into three categories:

1.Natural diet and lifestyle, regenerative and neuractive nutrition.
Nowadays it is becoming crystal clear that the biochemistry in our bodies and what we eat effect deeply how we feel and behave.
We are designed as the human species to eat what we might call the biological diet of our species, adapted to the circumstances we live in today. Neuroactive nutrition that builds, nourishes and activates our neural system, and does not numb our feeling senses, makes us feel better, function better and enjoy better health long term.

2. Mental Reactivation
Neuroactive nutrition does one part of this job. Becoming more mindful of our thoughts and beliefs and how the effect us is part two. We become more realistic and at the same time more optimistic as well as happier and more effective in the world at large. We are a story telling species and the stories we imagine have huge impact.

3. Connection mexican feet
We are electrical beings as well as biochemical. Our metabolisms and neural systems are designed to run in connection with electrical field of the Earth. This gives us connection to the life force and has been found to clear up no end of chronic conditions with physical and emotional. Not only that but our brains are designed to run in conjunction with the electrical patterns of the Earth. Our very desires and life stories need to be connected to remain healthy and happy.
“Paradise on Earth is more than just a garden of beauty, it is about states of mind that can see and respond to that beauty, that are inspired and ecstatically guided by the divine intelligence within it, moment by moment; paradisiacal senses of connection, Edenic States.” Holly Paige

“Earth’s crammed with heaven…
But only he who sees, takes off his shoes.”
― Elizabeth Barrett Browning


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