He Shou Wu (Fo Ti) 100g

£ 5.95

This powder is made from traditionally prepared roots, steamed in black bean juice which, research suggests, greatly increases the effectiveness.

Some people have a slight reaction to this plant, start with small amounts and increase to up to 5 grams a day.

He shou wu is delicious mixed into raw chocolate elixirs and adds a depth, almost reminiscent of mocha, to raw chocolate.


‘To be happy is our natural state.’
Sometimes known as Fo Ti, He Shou Wu has been reported to lift mood and increase physical energy whilst also helping to calm anxiety and improve sleep. Many users report ecstatic feelings and enhanced sense of humour. Traditionally it was used in China to restore hair colour and thickness over time and was said to improve memory and be anti-aging – it was taken by many Chinese to promote longevity. UK regulations prevent us from listing medical uses – fortunately we live in an information age where you can do your own research.


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