E3 Renew Me 100g

£ 21.95

This wonderful and unique product does it all: energises, beautifies, nourishes and detoxifies.

E3 Renew Me contains E3 AFA and Spirulina, two of the most nutrient-rich complete superfoods available. These plants have been shown to support the immune system and help your body eliminate toxins. It also contains E3 Blue AphaninTM, E3 Blue PhycominTM, MSM, Camu Camu, Cayenne Pepper, Crystalloid Electrolyte Sea Minerals and Vitamin E complex.

This is a 30 day supply.


Other Ingredients Include:

E3 Blue AphaninTM: A proprietary cyanophyta extract that contains a significant concentration of the blue pigment phycocyanin. Phycocyanin has been show to provide joint support and a feeling of well being.

E3 Blue PhycominTM: A proprietary extract that contains a significant concentration of phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA (coined the “molecule of love”) has been shown to maintain concentration and attention.

MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane): A naturally-occurring form of dietary sulfur. Often called nature’s “beauty mineral” because it is needed to keep the hair glossy and smooth and keeps the complexion clear and youthful. MSM maybe useful in the nutritional support of joint and bone tissue.

Camu Camu: Native to the Amazonian rain forest of South America. Camu-camu contains 30 to 60 times more Vitamin C than an orange, plus bioflavanoids and a combination of phytonutrients unique to the camu-camu fruit.

Cayenne Pepper: Added for its nutritional and circulatory properties

Crystalloid Electrolyte Sea Minerals: Helps to carry these nutrients across the cell matrix.

Vitamin E complex (Tocotrienol & Tocopherol): Also included for a smoother taste and overall increased benefits.

100% Natural. No fillers.


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